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"The world of death, dying, and homicide, including police officers, is uncomfortable for most people. Elaina, was often asked the same question regarding this unusual work. “How can you do that type of work?”

Immediately, she heard the whisper of the woman warrior resting within her heart-soul…the answer that would be spoken to this day “How could I

not?”  She became aware of a world the public does not see and the reality of what it takes to solve a crime. Spending years with those brave men and women, she saw and felt deeply the heavy responsibility

placed upon their shoulders in a most dangerous and pain-filled world…as they walked daily into the line-of-fire as a police officer.

Elaina Deva Proffitt 

August 2018

The public expects police to solve a case Fast like in a movie



"Lots of little girls read Nancy Drew Mysteries and want to become her. Little did I know who and what I would become"

-Elaina Deva Proffitt 

 "The public expects police to solve a case in 2 hrs like a Clint Eastwood movie. That would be nice, but the truth is, it takes time; long hours,  searching, interviewing, crime scene work, putting the pieces of the puzzle together as fast as they can. Hunting for a dangerous person that may kill again any moment.  Through the years, I have lived in their world and been  on rides to many crime scenes  or to look at a suspect.  While their work and the dark world they walk in daily, may read like a movie I can tell you this "There isn't any Popcorn" and it is rarely solved in 2 hours"  IF EVER and if not it haunts you through the rest of your life. 

Elaina Deva Proffitt 


Until the recent past, the suggestion to use a "Psychic" to help resolve a criminal investigation met with strong opposition in the Law Enforcement Community. It defied converntial logic and wisdom. Early attempts were cloulded by the well meaning efforts of some who claimed to have Psychic abilites, but individually lacked the skills to provide useful information. Others, better grounded in their talents, have quietly made significant contributions which proved helpful in resolving difficult and complex investigations. 

Elaina Proffitt is one of those others. She has contributed materially in the conduct of investigations by agencies within the Reno area and until my retirement from the Washoe County Sheriff's Office in 1990, frequently provided me with insight and information which was of great value in the performance of my duties. Her ability to provide consistently accurate information is respected by those of us in law enforcement who have had the opportunity to work with her. 

Ms Proffitt is highly regarded by many. She frequently lectures to law enforcement classes at the local community college and makes presentations to professional groups. In August 1989 she lectured at the national seminar of the American Polygraph Association and in February 1991 made a presentation to the California Association of Polygraph Examiners. 

Her skills also extend to character profiling and analysis. ...

in Law Enforcement, we are by nature skeptical, as we should be. In today's world, however, the bizarre motivation behind many of the crimes we see makes investigation even more difficult. Every Available toom even the non-convential, must be exploited to achieve success and to adequately protect the public. 

Elaina Proffitt is intelligent, gifted, and a true professional. Her results speak for themselves. 

R. L. Putnam




Law Enforcement Associations and Seminars 

University of Nevada Reno July 21 1984 

Department of Criminal Justice 

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office October 4 1984 

“Psychics as Investigative Resources” 

University of Nevada Reno Criminal Justice Department 

“Psychic Awareness an Investigative tool” 1984 

Truckee Meadows C.C. Criminal Justice Dept. 

Principals of Investigation 1986 

“Parapsychology and Criminal Investigation” 

American Polygraph Association Reno NV 1984 

24th Annual Seminar Advanced Polygraph Instrumentation & Techniques Lectured: “Unconventional Investigations” 

National American Polygraph Association August 1989 

California Association of Polygraph Examiners 

Character Profiling and Analysis 

C. A.P.E. 

California Association of Polygraph Examiners Feb.1991 

Newport Beach California 

National Training Seminar Lecture 10 HRS: 

“Character Profiling Methodology Application in Investigative Setting” 

American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers 

Milwaukie Wisconsin January 7-11th 1992 

California Homicide Investigators Association 1992-1993 

California Homicide Investigators Associate 1993-94 

CHIA Conference Reno Nevada March 3-5-1993




 In 1984 she was trained by respected homicide investigator, Rod Englert Multnomah County Sheriff's Department to be a psychic detective and forensic tool in the world of murder. Englert is a renowned Blood pattern expert and the Author of "Blood Secrets": Chronicles of a Crime Scene Reconstructionist.
Discovering she had an uncanny ability to profile a suspect and to work crime scenes, keeping a low profile, confidentiality and strong ethics of never compromising a case, there would come a time when she would find the victims' families being referred to her to give them comfort.
To this day she works with mothers of violent loss.
Speaking to various agencies throughout the years; how to use psychics as a forensic tool, psychic fraud and more. Elaina is a strong supporter of Law Enforcement seeing first hand since 1984 what they endure daily, walking into the line-of-fire each day. The unspeakable horror they see. 

Has worked in-conjunction with Forensic Psychiatrist on High Profile Cases

"Lots of little girls read Nancy Drew Mysteries and want to become her. Little did I know who and what I would become"
-Elaina Deva Proffitt