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Grief & Loss Spiritual counseling for families of victims of violent loss. Post Traumatic Death Grief & Violent loss since 1984

Because of her professional ethics when working as a Consultant for Law Enforcement on murder cases over the years, she would soon, find the families who had lost a loved one to homicide being referred to her for spiritual grief, loss counseling and support. Through the years, she would discover that her work in the world of homicide and with the police was frightening to most people. She discovered that both worlds she walked in, are a mystery in so many ways. Surrounded by death, pain and danger. there always arrived the same question for both, “How can you do that type of work and with cops?” From the first time, she asked that question, she heard her heart whisper and it felt natural in her soul, replying, “How could I not?” 

After her own near-death experience in 1986, she found herself having a large spiritual grief and loss practice. Elaina also works with those in hospice to help soothe and assist them in their crossing. As a spiritual counselor, she assists a wide variety of clients who are going through life changes, bringing clarity, confidence and harmony. Works in conjunction with traditional therapists, on occasion.    

Grief & Violent Loss Counseling

 I can’t even remember how I met Elaina Deva Proffitt but it was many years before her book came out. I remember being in a very dark place in my life; I had lost my 22-year-old daughter and 10-month-old grandson to a brutal Domestic Violence Murder in 2006, but this was many years after that.
When we connected with each other I had so many questions that I needed answers to. One thing you must know up front is; you can’t ask a spiritual counselor/medium, clairvoyant if you aren’t prepared to hear the truth. At least not where Elaina is concerned because she is the real deal. I say that now because I didn’t know that at the time. Not only did she tell me the truth, some of it was what I was hoping not to hear, other parts were very comforting to hear after I had time to digest all the information. There were things that even my closest friends had no idea about.
Elaina wrote about my daughter and grandson in her book, so I was excited to read it when it came out, not just because they were in it but because I knew about the amazing work she has done for violent crime victims. I thought I knew her story well; I found out I knew nothing once I started reading the book. This book grabbed my attention through the many twists and turns of Elaina’s life.
There were times I was amazed at the work she has done with law enforcement to help solve murder cases because I know what a gift that is to the families she has helped solve the cases for. My experience with families of murder victims is on a heart to heart level as their peer and when I come home I am emotionally exhausted. When I read what she experiences both mentally and physically to help solve these cases I found myself so humbled; I have nothing to complain about because being tired is nothing now that I have read what it takes out of Elaina; physically, mentally & spiritually, yet she knows that going into it and does it anyways.
There were times when I wept for her and what she went through; and wished that she was beside me, so I could just hug her for a while and comfort her. Her writing makes you feel like you are there with her, on this journey and you just want to protect her because she is such a special soul. Her near death experience had me riveted to every word on the pages. She was blessed with a gift that could only come from God, and she has used that gift to do only good with it.

Dayna Herroz 

 Violent Loss Survivor/Peer Advocate Violent Loss/Peer Advocate Domestic Violence/Violent Loss Peer Support Group Co-Facilitator/Voice for Tori & Dean/. San Diego, CA. 

Law Enforcement Bereavement

  Recommendation for counseling post traumatic death. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Elaina Profitt following the death of my husband, Reno Police Officer, Keith Hashimoto on March 29, 1996.  Elaina committed herself to the healing process from the moment of notification of death.  She arrived at my home and immediately connected with Keith in the afterlife.  Her ability to channel was peaceful and comforting to myself, my daughters and the law enforcement officers that were in attendance. 

Elaina had become friends with Keith through her work with the Reno Police Department on homicide and missing person cases.  She was able to help our family process and adjust to the loss.  It was calming to have Elaina’s support and expertise to assist in coping and managing the emotions associated with the reality of his death.

I would highly recommend Elaina as a spiritual counselor to help family and friends that are feeling anxious and sadness resulting from the death of a loved one.

 Carole Hashimoto 


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Her empowering message of love, hope and healing also brings clarity and peace to those who are walking through the dark night of the soul . As an Energy healer, Elaina will guide you in to an 

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