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Grief & Loss Spiritual counseling for families of victims of violent loss. Post Traumatic Death Grief & Violent loss since 1984

Because of her professional ethics when working as a Consultant for Law Enforcement on murder cases over the years, she would soon, find the families who had lost a loved one to homicide being referred to her for spiritual grief, loss counseling and support. Through the years, she would discover that her work in the world of homicide and with the police was frightening to most people. She discovered that both worlds she walked in, are a mystery in so many ways. Surrounded by death, pain and danger. there always arrived the same question for both, “How can you do that type of work and with cops?” From the first time, she asked that question, she heard her heart whisper and it felt natural in her soul, replying, “How could I not?” 

After her own near-death experience in 1986, she found herself having a large spiritual grief and loss practice. Elaina also works with those in hospice to help soothe and assist them in their crossing. As a spiritual counselor, she assists a wide variety of clients who are going through life changes, bringing clarity, confidence and harmony. Works in conjunction with traditional therapists, on occasion.    

Law Enforcement Bereavement

 Recommendation for counseling post traumatic death. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Elaina Profitt following the death of my husband, Reno Police Officer, Keith Hashimoto on March 29, 1996.  Elaina committed herself to the healing process from the moment of notification of death.  She arrived at my home and immediately connected with Keith in the afterlife.  Her ability to channel was peaceful and comforting to myself, my daughters and the law enforcement officers that were in attendance. 

Elaina had become friends with Keith through her work with the Reno Police Department on homicide and missing person cases.  She was able to help our family process and adjust to the loss.  It was calming to have Elaina’s support and expertise to assist in coping and managing the emotions associated with the reality of his death.

I would highly recommend Elaina as a spiritual counselor to help family and friends that are feeling anxious and sadness resulting from the death of a loved one.

 Carole Hashimoto 


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Her empowering message of love, hope and healing also brings clarity and peace to those who are walking through the dark night of the soul . As an Energy healer, Elaina will guide you in to an 

altered state meditation too go within soothing and balancing your body mind heart.  Learn to make contact with your loved one. 


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Elaina will share her own experience when dying and bring new understanding about the meaning of  Life & Death    

Saying Goodbye

Sisters of Light Pam Reynolds NDE listen to our show below




Pam Reynolds Lowery, “my old friend” as she called me, was a survivor of one of the most extreme Near Death Experience recorded. As stated, I have always known that my life is filled with fated encounters and this amazing woman was one of them in a most powerful way. Pam became my friend on  the social networking site called myspace and from the start we had a special connection.  She was in the music world  her company was Southern Tracks, had recorded music by everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Pearl Jam to REM.   She wanted me to come visit and have her friend Elton John to meet me.  

I also had many contacts in the music world  and my career was starting to blossom on the radio and television circuit.  had a regular segment on "Live at Noon" KCRA CH3  Sacramento CA

At last, I found a very special kindred spirit bringing validation and it created an immediate bond between us as we shared our similar experiences with one another. We could see n feel the soul of each other from the first time we met. 

We were like two "old friends" as she called us, who had found one another again. It helped us validate that we were not crazy nor alone and that “something” had happened to each of us but just in a different manner.

August 1991.She was in Virginia Beach, Va., with her husband, they were promoting a new record. Suddenly she forgot how to talk!  A  MRI  would reveal an aneurysm on her brain stem. It was already leaking, a ticking time bomb. 

November 1985 

 I also was a ticking time bomb hemorrhaging inside  from spleen impaled in the tail of my pancreas, which no one wanted to operate on in those days. I was devouring my self for months praying for the right doctor to arrive. 

We both had major "loss of Blood Issues"  I guess you could say we both were "Drama Queens"  It would take two brilliant surgeons "on the cutting edge" to keep us alive.  They were our rock stars our human angels. 

 In our private conversations we both revealed that at times we felt like we were outside our body as if part of us was still in another place. 

There was always a sacred feeling when we talked about how we never forgot the feeling we both had that there was a presence of  "Something or Someone most powerful" that had been with us when we hovered between life and death each in a different way. 

When talking about our NDE experiences it was amazing the similarities in certain parts of this mysterious experience. 

Pam's was a very rare event as her NDE is the most famous in the medical world. Due to a giant basilar artery aneurysm it could not be removed in the typical fashion so she was referred to a Doctor Robert F. Spetzler at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Spetzler  had pioneered a very daring radical surgery which was called hyperthermia cardiac arrest. 

In a nutshell they dropped her body temperature to 60 degrees, shut down her system including the brain and heart and put her to death's door then operated on her brain. 

It's May and the Lilacs are Blooming 


One foot on Earth and One in Heaven 

 Copyright  August 26 20017 

Elaina Deva Proffitt 

Pam had no brain-wave activity and no blood flowing in her brain, which rendered her clinically dead. Once they were finished they then restored her to life!. In conversation one time she spoke of how when they started to cut through her skull with a surgical saw, she felt herself “Pop” outside her body and was hovering above the operating table. She got a kick out of the fact that she at one point was hovering over the surgeons in the operating room and would be able to tell them what they had been doing and talking about. 

In 2010 she had contacted me in March stating that she wanted for us to catch up on the phone as it had been a long time since we had done so. She wrote that she had been having health issues again and wanted to talk and for me to please call her.

 For those of us who have had these experiences it is always a comfort to have someone that can understand what we had gone through bringing us an unusual bond immediately. We would find that we had a special sisterhood in the short time that we connected. 

Pam also was a guest on my Blog Talk radio show and we enjoyed spending the time sharing these experiences. You may go to my website and listen to this amazing conversation. 

We felt like we were in a "Closed Club" there was a strong natural affinity between us bring comfort to one another whether near or far. It is one of the things that many of us who have an NDE are compelled to do, sharing this strange experience to help educate and comfort those who have experienced this mystery so they know they are not alone. 

Pam's experience was very extreme do to what happened to her and the surgery. I love and respect her for her strength and faith to go through those operations and recovery. My journey prior to my surgery was a painful one and I also had a complicated operation. We did not know each other during those times but found out we had very similar events occur on what we call the "Other Side." 

In 2009 on the phone we had talked about my coming to see her so we could spend some time together hopefully the coming year. 

I am saddened that we were unable to do so, as I had made a long move and while hoping to visit in the near future it would not arrive for us. 

After the first of the year as the months passed by, I had been thinking of her on and off and tried to contact her again. Something kept pushing me to find out about her. 

One day I put her name in the search engine and found out that she had died. At that moment I knew that she had been visiting me trying to let me know she was gone. We had laughed one time and said that whichever one of us went first we would contact each other. I knew why she did not answer her phone but was communicating with me through whispers. Her last written message to me was; 

Hi Sweety, "It's been awhile since I've written. Hope this finds you well and happy. I've been in and out of hospital with pulmonary embolisms but have declared my body a bummer free zone so we'll see what happens. Glad to hear your move went well and hope you'll be content there. Stop by once in awhile old friend!!!!

Hugs," Pam Reynolds

That was the last time I heard from Pam. Her words of determination despite the challenges of the body was and still is such an inspiration to so many. It saddens me that we were unable to have a final conversation on the phone here on earth or see one another as planned. I cared deeply about her from the day I met her. 

The Intuitive gifts passed down to me in my family had always been strong and when a little girl I could feel people so deeply that at times I would have to get away from them. Even to this day those feelings walk with me and while I have been able to learn how to use them as a tool with others who are in pain or dying it has taken years to learn how to protect myself as best as possible. 

Pam was also effected the same way and this was amazing as we both understood another strange likeness we had and heard things more clearly and distinctly than ever before. She also sensed a presence a light at the end of a vortex pulling her away and was the reason we called each other "Sisters of the Light' What was interesting is that we had not known about each other prior to our meeting and when we talked were amazed at how similar some of the experiences were; such as looking down at my hands mesmerized at how they shimmered with light and I felt no pain, light and even sound. We both had our Grandparents coming for us and "Others" we could not recognize but knew we had some sort of a connection with. We also had an audio experience when out of body, Pam hearing a sound like a natural 'D' and my hearing this " High pitched Whirring sound" accelerating rapidly! The sound seemed to pull her out of her body just as mine did. I also had heard that "Pop" and this was the first time I was hearing from someone else that this had happened also. There were also the similar experiences as to what we felt when we re-entered our bodies" While there are those who do not believe in NDE's we two knew that "something" powerful and real had happened to us both. 

We knew it was Real and that is all that mattered. "They all will have their turn at some point" we would say in conversations. We were "Sisters of the Light" as she called us many times on the phone. At times she would ask me to use the "gifts" to look at her and see how her life force was doing. She knew each day was a gift and time may be short. We made a pack "whoever goes first will send a message." Regrettably our time was short with one another on this earth plane. Pam would say "goodbye" first and without knowing she was gone, for many months I would feel her crossing my mind, even picking up the phone and calling but no answer. Pam would continue to come into my thoughts and I would find myself talking out loud to her, "Pam where are you girl? I called You!" Finally, a year later I would find myself suddenly searching her name on the internet the announcement of Pam Reynolds death appeared. There is sadness for me that I was not able to hear her voice one more time. We were planning on my coming to visit at some point but it now would not happen on earth. She was an amazing woman, artist and loved her family deeply! 

Pam Reynolds died from heart failure going into the light one final time, on Saturday May 22, 2010 at Emory University Hospital, in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Looking at the month and the day, I knew she sent me a most powerful message, seeing her smile and hearing her whisper, "Goodbye my "Old friend." 

My NDE was May 26 1986  

We know we will see each other again! 

Those Lilacs were Blooming for Both of us in May he final message from the grave 

Families of Violent Loss



"In my heart and my mind I took great comfort in the words Elaina shared with me and the answers she gave me brought a measure of peace to my heart.

Had I not met Elaina I would still be struggling with this but she put my mind at ease. She is the real deal, someone I trust with my loved ones memories here on earth, and someone I can turn to when I am confused or need some direction. I am eternally grateful to her."


Dayna Herroz

Peer Advocate/Violent Loss

San Diego, CA 92143



Police Officers walk out the door and into the Line-of-Fire everyday . Other 's are blessed to have given the  final call "Watch Over" returning to their families and retirement.  

This photo brings his daughters comfort. I took this photo at his service It does not surprise me to see the Rainbow wings falling down from Heaven touching them . 



Listen and learn as we explore our NDE's Special Guest Pam Reynolds will share her fascinating Death Experience with you all! 

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