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   All through life Elaina Proffitt has been told she must write the story of her life and it has now arrived 

“It’s May and the Lilacs are Blooming (One foot on Earth and one in Heaven) takes the reader on a journey into her life that reads like a movie and her playing many parts; Spiritual counselor, clairvoyant, Grief & Loss Counselor specializing in Mothers of violent loss is a medium, medical intuitive, and in 1984 was trained by respected homicide investigator , Rod Englert Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department to become a psychic detective and forensic tool in the world of murder. 

Discovering she had an uncanny ability to profile a suspect and to work crime scenes keeping a low profile, confidentiality and strong ethics of never compromising a case there would come a time when she would find the victims’ families being referred to her to give them comfort. To this day she works with mothers of violent loss. Speaking to various agencies throughout the years; how to use psychics as a forensic tool, psychic fraud and more. Elaina is a strong supporter of Law Enforcement seeing first hand since 1984 what they endure daily, walking into the line-of-fire each day and The unspeakable horror they see. 

They have become extended family to this day.

She also has counseled the wives of fallen officers. 

All cases in the book have been cleared before included in this fascinating book. 

Throughout the years, she had a 100% accuracy when a police officer would be in the line-of-fire and all lived. 

When asked how can I do this dangerous horrific type of work, my heart replies swiftly…How could I not?” 



"I do not work with the Victims Families. If they called me  and I agreed to see if I could help...

that was the last conversation I would have with them until It was over."


"I kept a low profile and Never Compromised a case. They tell me that is why I worked on the levels I did. "

"I waited years to write my life story about consulting  for Law Enforcement, I also had everything "Cleared" before publishing."  

I have learned from experience and observation of others, when you are in a controversial field  to start with and then start plastering "Psychic Detective" all over your Background be prepared to be asked for letters of reference to document your work. 

You are dealing with peoples lives and emotional well-being. 

In 1986 upon moving to Reno she would have a near death experience that would once again change her world. 

She would discover a powerful soothing healing energy would flow through her hands which would be used for pain control for the dying. 

When a loved one is dying there are many dialogues going on within them daily as they experience this mysterious process. Each person has a unique experience and it is not only a physical process, it is also occurring on the more hidden levels. The mind, emotions and the spiritual levels are a part of making us what is called a human being upon this earth. They say that when you are dying your life flashes before you. While I can only speak for myself this saying is true, but it is also happening on deeper levels each day before leaving this body. I have found this to be true for myself and for those of us that have gone to the other side… "outside of our body" then returning. 

Body Mind Spirit, Death & Dying, Near Death Experience true stories Grief Loss, Angels, Spiritual Journey, True Crime, Murder Pain Prophecy 



Uplifting Spiritual Speaker, Healer, Teacher that brings a message of Hope, Love & Understanding about what we call... Life, Death and Heaven. 

 Sharing her Near Death Experience stories with  those who have experienced pain & grief and those who work in the world of pain and suffering and dark night of the soul; First Res-ponders, Hospice workers, Medical professionals and Grief and Loss Support Groups. and more. 

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Near death experience heaven and healing. 

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How to diffuse pain and trauma in your life to Lift Up! Take a Deep Breath! and Clear out the pain in a soothing way.  

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Be Love Be Light!


Know that Every Single Thing that has happened in your life is preparing you for a moment that is yet to come- Know your thoughts and feelings will shift the direction of your life so stay within your center...

We must let go of anger & rage and condoning other's harming innocent people destroying their lives..for it.makes Us no better then those who have done so. You...We. lose Our strength Power and Protection

´ॐ -


  Elaine Deva Proffitt  


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