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  ***** 5 STARS 

Elaina has really captured the intensity of Bob’s NDE.   We still feel each moment of that day and carry it with us in our everyday lives.  I hope this can provide comfort and hope to others. This book is one that you won’t be able to put down.    Nancy Campbell 

***** 5 STARS

I just finished reading Elaina’s book, and I found it fascinating, especially the chapters regarding her work with law officials and the chapters regarding her illness resulting in her NDE. Once I began reading her story, I had to make myself put it down (@ 2:30 A.M.!) so that I could get some sleep, and now I have finished it! It’s a great read! 

J. Fornville

***** 5 STARS

 I love this book! It made me feel like looking through a window into this fascinating life of NDE, discovery, and using a remarkable gift. It never drags and just when you think you are following, it surprises and amazes even more. I am so enjoying this book. Highly recommended. 

B. Tate

***** 5 STARS

I loved this book!   What a great read and fascinating story of a journey of a woman with an unusual gift and how she went on to use it helping people, talking to the beyond and her work with law enforcement. It is pretty intense and sometime mind blowing but worth the time. 

Nancy Kelly Eckloff

***** 5 STARS

Such a great read. Touched me deeply and showed me life on a different level. Highly recommend. 

L McKinney

 I’ll always be grateful for the chance meeting with Elaina Proffitt thru my work in Law Enforcement and Friendship spanning over 30 years. I was greatly honored to be one of the first persons to read Elaina’s introspective and powerful book-sometimes painfully sad but uplifting in its honesty. This life changing, must read book gives us a small glimpse into the world of prophetic reality that Elaina Proffitt walks thru on-a-daily basis. Her glimpse of the other side after her near-death experience gives us all… hope and peace knowing what waits for us. The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance but the illusion of knowledge. -Daniel Broosin  Sandra Cavanagh  Retired Crime Analysis Reno Police Department 

Spiritual Guidance Counselor  

Elaina Deva Proffitt in my heart and my mind I took great comfort in the words Elaina shared with me and the answers she gave me brought a measure of peace to my heart. Knowing what waits for us Had I not met Elaina I would still be struggling with this but she put my mind at ease. She is the real deal, someone I trust with my loved one’s memories here on earth, and someone I can turn to when I am confused or need some direction. I am eternally grateful to her. 


 Dayna Herroz Peer Advocate/Violent Loss San Diego, CA 92143  

 "Elaina has been a source of knowledge that compares to no other. She guides us in ways that allows us to further tap into our own intuitive power as well as to honor our soul's desire for fullness. She is a masterful teacher who through her expertise and talent will lead you on a path that opens your eyes, to see a wonderful journey of living!"  Service Category: Career Coach Year first hired: 2013 Top Qualities: 

Great Results, Expert, High Integrity -Reno NV --August 2014   T. C. 

 "Deva, I wanted you to know that you are truly a light, in an excruciatingly dark world. From my heart...... 

Thank you Deva" 


Thank you, Deva, for your magic and your great gifts-my homework starts now! -  Lorna Bevan England  8-25-2014 

You are literally an angel. Today needed this, big turning point for me, you were inspired. So, so happy to receive! Sending my blessings to you dear friend, you helped me in my life more than you realize Sending my light to you as well this day, glad we crossed paths, you are a special woman with special talents, thanks for sharing with me! You are that angel GOD sent to me today, that I prayed for. KC AZ   

 "Thank you so much for being there for all of us at Dad’s passing. The ritual ceremony you performed to encourage his spirit to cross over was very magical and surreal. I?ll never forget the sensation of Dad’s spirit so strong around us and the instantaneous temperature drop in the chamber at the moment we knew he had crossed over. It felt like a fresh breeze blowing indicating an ending and a new beginning for all of us. We will always treasure that moment and thank you for making Dad’s final send off a priceless memory. Much love to you! Kendalls kids."

 Kendall's Kids Funeral Ceremony

 To Die or to Live? I am remembering 1991 when I asked Elaina to look at me intuitively for what was going on in my life. I had not been well but she did not know what was going on in my life. Looking into my eyes She then asked, “did you know you were dying"? Without thinking I said “Yes! What do I need to do?” With no hesitation, she whispered “Unplug everything in your life as you know it, heal yourself and start over'.” I trusted her completely and without hesitation I gave notice at my job, my apartment and sold my furniture. I asked a friend who lived out in a remote area of Palomino Valley to take a room in his house in trade for working in the garden, cooking and cleaning house. He was a Shaman/Brujo in the Yaqui tradition and prepared me for a vision quest up on the nearby 8-thousand-foot Spanish Peak. I fasted for 7 days before going up. I prayed for God to take me and not let me live another day in this life. When I woke up at sunrise a Deer was staring at me and I heard her say, "You are done here. Go down and begin your new life." Eventually I returned to town and took a menial job in a book store and became inspired to write music again.  Elaina Deva offered me a choice. I chose to take it on A Wing & a Prayer and venture into unknown territory toward an unknown future. Her honesty and intuition for seeing one's true self unencumbered by ego or material gratification is unique and blessed. The vision she held for me is the same for all sentient beings who dare to take a risk and trust the process of life. Elaina's voice feels like an Angels Kiss in the night when all is right in the World. Elaina Deva Proffitt is a blessing to this Earth and her children.

Jim Eaglesmith Musician Percussionist Spiritual Teacher Songbird Productions Reno NV