Near Death Experience


   “They can tell you it is only because the brain is shutting down, the powerful anesthesia and drugs, but in truth you are undergoing an out-of-body experience, stepping into another dimension that so many call Heaven. 

Just like others who have taken this journey...I have no time reference and it is hard to associate a word or description to what I Experienced. Even now, my rational, reasoning mind still has a hard time assimilating the experience. I understand that this is quite common for those who have had an NDE, and most find it hard to share this event fearing it was just their imagination, but at the same time they have a deep lingering feeling, a knowing, that something very real happened.”-

 Elaina Deva Proffitt  Copyright © 2017   

I had been dying in agony for 5 months while continuing to work in a world filled with murder, pain and prophecy. The powerful “gifts” passed down to me as a clairvoyant healer, medium and psychic detective had been used not only for others, but now for myself. Angelic intervention was working daily in my fragile life. Archangel’s have always been near me but now even more. 

Since I was a child I have always lived with one foot on Earth and one in Heaven. Looking back upon my life, it took many powerful experiences to come to this realization.

 Even as a child I always felt an unseen presence that walked beside me. I did not know what to do with it. I had a strong sense that part of me did not belong on this if my life straddled two different worlds. 

Now those prophetic words spoken to my grandmother as she places lilacs in the crystal vase were about to come true! “Grandma, when I die I want it to be in the month of May so I can have lilacs at my funeral”  

It seemed like an eternity and then my kind surgeon was standing by my side, taking my hand assuring me all would be good. I heard his voice and the sound of my heart in sync with the beeping of monitors. “I want you to just relax now and not worry. You have been through a lot, Elaina. I am going to put you to sleep and you will get some much-needed rest. I will see you later, okay?” 

Then... I saw the shimmer of golden light in his eyes and knew it was that Heavenly Presence guiding him. Lying on that table, the only thing I could whisper was, “God be with your hands.”  He smiled, thanking me. My last words to him would be prophetic. “Well, I think when you open me up, you are going to have a big surprise! I hope to see you again, but we shall see.” 

His demeanor changed as he looked over to someone behind me that I could not see, reminding me we were not alone on many levels. 

Giving the nod to put me to sleep, I felt his hand touching my forehead gently. He looked down at me and said softly, “I don’t want you to worry about a thing. Just sleep now, Elaina.”  A moment of fear ran through me, knowing this could be my last awareness of all this life.

There was no going back now as I was barely in my body. I had put all the mental control that I had held so tightly all those months and placed it into his and God’s hands. I looked up at my doctor one last time and saw his eyes were filled with golden light! Archangel Raphael was with him! 

Intuitively, it started to feel as if I was standing on a very high cliff and soon I would have to jump into the unknown. The beeps of the heart monitors whispered to me, “get ready to go!”  A shimmer of light was in the room as I felt more powerful sedatives flowing through my veins. The faces of my family loved ones flying in front of me; I sent them love and a last goodbye.

 Countdown was arriving, it was the last ticket to ride and there was no other way to go but into that black velvet that was taking me. Just as when I was a child and I was afraid, I now heard my inner child asking Jesus to help me. A brief feeling of panic filled me with the desire to jump off that table and run out of the operating room. It was overwhelming and silly and I knew I could not do that nor did I have the strength to do so. I must surrender!  Again, one of my last thoughts was, “Where am I going?” I made a feeble weak attempt to call for protective Light around me for wherever I would be going. And then, it arrived! That warm feeling of those powerful drugs running through my veins, slowly starting to take over my body and mind. Inside me I heard my inner child whispering, “Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die…”  Time had run out as I let go of this world and was soon wrapped in a warm blanket of black velvet unconsciousness. 

It’s May & the Lilacs are Blooming 

(One foot on Earth and One in Heaven ) 

Elaina Deva Proffitt Copyright © 2017  

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